Friday, March 13, 2020

Corporal Punishment, There are Alternatives essays

Corporal Punishment, There are Alternatives essays "If you strike an animla its called cruelty. If you strike an adult its called asualt. But if you strike a child its called disapline." The man who said this may be unknown, but his reasoning behind the quote isn't. Corporalpunishment has become an all too common aspect of society. The implications of such discipline are still, for most of society, hard to accept or havent even been considered to being related to physical punishment. Spanking children unfourtunetly is still accepted. This paper will discuss the reasoning behind such punishment, why it's become a problem, and what should society use for an alternative. Many people today disagree with abandoning corporal punishment. Some say Spanking is an effective way to manage behavior. In some aspect this is true, however hitting children can lead ot an increase in misbehavior. A study preformed in 1997 shows that the more parents spanked children for antisocial behavior, the more the antisocial behavior increased. The more children are hit, the more likely they are to hit others including their spouses. Some like to use religious reasons to justify and defend their forms of punishment and discipline. In the bible from the book of Proverbs it reads, "Spare the rod and spoil the child' and I must obey God". However the bible justifies slavery, sexual discrimination against women, aswell as incest. Some parents like to use the idea that If we don't spank children, they'll grow up rotten. However in Nova Scotia and Europe, many countries have banned corporal punishment and the rate of violence is at a much lower one than the United States. Spanking children has become an ongoing cycle of destruction to future generations. Many adults who were spanked as a child many times have very distinct memories of times when they were disciplined. In 1995 the American Academy of Pediatrics preformed a study showing that spanking may be ineffective because it does not teach an alte...

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